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1 July, 2016

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The tale of Doris and the Dragon is an episodic, point-and-click adventure game series featuring an elderly lady named Doris who finds herself in Purgatory after passing away on earth. It can be described as a thoughtful and fantastical vision of life after death. On her journey, Doris meets many weird and wonderful characters that help or try to hinder her progress. Out of this, an unlikely friendship emerges.


This point and click adventure game was created out of sheer determination; a passion to take a game genre we cared about and do it justice. We wanted to create a game that we were proud of and had poured all of our love, time and creativity into. Doris was born in January 2015 out of some simple pixel art that Ben had been working on in photoshop. It developed from those original images into an intricate and whimsical tale featuring an elderly lady named Doris. Working alone in his bedroom, Ben patiently put the game together, all the while juggling part-time jobs and temporary unemployment. There were some really tough times! One evening, he just decided that he had worked on it for long enough and would upload it to see what would happen. The BETA version of the game was released in April 2015 on Newgrounds and GameJolt. The reviews we received when we woke up the next morning completely blew us away. Some people claiming that it was the best game that they had ever played and reaching out to us from all over the world. We received hundreds of comments and over 100,000 plays and were on the front page. We even made the best point and clicks of all time on Newgrounds! This has spurred us on to really put the polish on the game and prepare it for official release. We took on more team members, a voice actor an animator / artist and somehow we are pulling this together for an August release this year (2016) on PC, Mac, iOS and Android App stores.


  • A RETRO, PIXEL-ART GAME which reminds you of those 90s classics that you couldn’t forget if you tried. Inspired heavily by LucasArts games such as Monkey Island and Grim Fandango.
  • A POINT AND CLICK ADVENTURE is a game genre that emphasises puzzle solving and quirky narrative. The minimalist nature of the interface allows the player to simply ‘point and click’ to explore the world.
  • FULLY VOICE-ACTED game; by two people, starring Ben Simpson and Jamie Wood
  • CREATED BY AN INDEPENDENT COMPANY which means that we 100% self-publish, self-fund our project and in-house all of our production
  • MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN has been important to us in every game that we have created together. The Tale of Doris and the Dragon is no exception, with a haunting soundtrack by AssadB; foley and sound design by Ryan Callard.


The Tale of Doris and the Dragon - Cinematic Trailer (2016) YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (497KB)

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Daily Top 5, Frontpaged." Newgrounds, 16 April, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "I love Doris, I certanly can't say anything else mate."
    - Elizha - Rated 5 / 5 stars, Newgrounds Comment
  • "Great humor and a sweet dragon. 10/5 Points. Need part 2. Yesterday!"
    - HeavyMetall - Rated 5 / 5 stars, Newgrounds Comment
  • "This game truly stands out with its interesting characters such as Norb, who is basically a glorified secretary, and even the ferryman, who keeps a small garden on the side to keep from getting too lonely. The Tale of Doris and the Dragon is sure to be a fantastic series."
    - Lori. H, Journalist, Jayisgames.com
  • "I love the game! From the characters to the music. It's too bad that I can't pre-order the next two chapters"
    - CakeGameLady, Gamejolt Comment

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Title theme song - Je Crois (Bizet)
Available for free from soundcloud.com.

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Arrogant Pixel is a small team of five determined game developers based in South West London. We love classic adventure games, music and other creative stuff.

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The Tale of Doris and the Dragon Credits

Ben Simpson
Founder, Lead Designer, Artist, Animator, Writer and Programmer

Jay Shin
Designer, Producer and Business Manager

Assad Bokhari
Designer, Music producer and composer

Ryan Callard
Designer, Foley and Voice over producer

DarkLitria (Safiyah Khan)
Artist and Animator, Freelancer

Alex Martin
Artist (Belly of the Beast scene), Freelancer

Jamie Wood
Voice Actor, Freelancer

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