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Come listen to some new tracks by Assad B

#HASHMATIKS = (KromitzR + Drums) * (DaBass + GameBoy)

Live chip tune duo forged in South London. KromitzR and DaBass use live drums and various vintage game hardware to create the most insane blend of progressive chip tune, 8-bit synths and free jazz / fusion-y beats. These cheeky masked assailants bring the thunder with an electric stage show leaving audience members reeling from the shock..."WHAT DID I JUST SEE??"

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 Check out a small clip of their rehearsal

#HASHMATIKS played their debut show at Surya in Kings Cross supporting Mega Ran, the legendary chip hop rapper on their Emerald Knights tour. Check out a small clip of "In2 Da Moui Jungle" recorded at Basstone Music.


SNEAK PEEK!! Track title: In2 Da Moui JungleKromitzR & DaBass. Unmasked. Real ish.PEACE!#HASHMATIKS

Posted by HASHMATIKS on Wednesday, 3 June 2015

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