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  • Doris and the Dragon is now on App stores!

    This week, we are pleased to announce that Doris and the Dragon has received an advanced launch on both iOS App and Google Play stores!

    Get the game on iOS App store: [CLICK HERE]
    Get the game on Google Play store: [CLICK HERE]


    The game will also be making the jump from mobile to PC with a planned release for 8th September. Following a hugely successful Steam Greenlight campaign earlier this month, the game was approved by the community in only 18 days, thus ensuring the game reaches a wider audience and fans of Doris can continue their adventures at home.

    Ben Simpson, Founder and Lead Designer at Arrogant Pixel, said: “We’re thrilled that our hard work, passion and determination has seen The Tale of Doris and The Dragon receive an early launch on both iOS and Android. We’re incredibly proud of our debut title and to see Doris coming to life and fans now having access to the game is truly amazing. We can’t wait to see the reaction from gamers and we’re looking forward to the Steam launch in September.”

    We've been working hard to get Steam integration added in time for release which means PC and Mac users will be able to receive achievements, Doris themed trading cards and badges! We are very excited about this as well. Can't wait to show you what we've been working on recently.

    It has been the most crazy, hectic few months of our lives. For Ben, especially, it's been a long project starting last year and finally, it is coming together. We hope it's all been worth it! We've been documenting our small team working hard on this title on Instagram and Twitter. Every day we do this, we get better and faster. We are confident that the following episodes in this trilogy will be even more polished and refined.

    You can also keep up with the team with their regular podcasts on Soundcloud:


    Don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where we post almost daily!

    We are so grateful to be part of this community on Newgrounds. You guys are awesome! :D

    AP team x

  • Doris and the Dragon has been Greenlit! Thank you so much!

    It has been an incredibly stressful few weeks for the team here at Arrogant Pixel. I think that as a group I can say, it has been a really tense experience waiting for the Steam Greenlight to come through.

    Luckily though, after only 18 days, we woke up to the best news ever! Last Thursday was the day that we got accepted on Steam!

    You can follow us here on Steam: Steam Greenlight


    We found that the first few days of Steam were really important in driving traffic to the page. There were a few articles online suggesting that there is a real drop in voting activity after the first 24 hours. This was absolutely true for us.

    This meant that after the initial launch of the campaign, we really needed to continue promotion on the game and whip as many votes as possible. We concentrated most of our efforts on Twitter, Instagram and IndieDB to drum up as many clicks to the page as we could.

    We had Saf come up with a simple, animated Steam icon which ended up looking really eye-catching:


    As I said before, it was a stressful and tense couple of weeks since we had no idea when the campaign was going to go through. We turned our attention to the app releases while we waited. During that time, we began submitting builds to iOS and Android app stores for approvals since we were aware this could also take some time.

    Registering our company and getting compulsory documentation filed was a very long and boring struggle but something that we got through together, as a team, out of sheer determination. Here is a quick photo of the 'almost finished' build on the ipad:


    We were offered some group promotion opportunities on Steam which we turned down and opted to take on all the marketing for the game ourselves. I'm sure that this route has helped other Indie developers to get through the process very quickly but since we are also launching on app stores, it was not a viable option for us.

    We don't believe that we would have been Greenlit any sooner if we had taken any group promotion offers. I imagine that we may have been tempted if we hadn't already been preparing for this for a while. They offer a lot of page views and the possibility of getting Greenlit sooner but clearly, this is not guaranteed at all and we would have to give up over 1000 free copies of the game or pay them on top.

    If we had taken the group promotion offers, we felt that we would not get a realistic idea of how many of the voters would actually purchase the game. Not a good deal when everyone in your company is relying on the game to make some money in order to continue to do this!

    By not going for this route, we had a good idea of the interest and built a strong following behind the game. We ended up with a great take-up rate for voters and overwhelmingly positive feedback! We were sitting at 69% of the way to the top 100 and before we knew it, it had happened - we had been accepted!

    Thankfully, we've been getting some press jumping on board the Doris hype train with some really awesome write ups! We even had our first print article on page 31 of the Irish Sun next to Mystic Meg:


    It is important to me and the rest of the company that "The Tale of Doris and the Dragon - Episode 1" is appreciated for the quality of the writing and the work rather relying on flashy graphics and addictive clicker mechanics to sell it. Doris isn't a typical indie game release.

    A lot of hard work went into the BETA version and now even more work has gone into make the game release ready. You can find out more about how stressed we've been lately by listening to our latest podcast:


    That's all for now. We'll be posting more about our voice over process with Ryan, our audio guy hopefully this week.

    Thank you everyone for all your support so far. It really means so much to us and we are excited to finally get this game out there! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where we post almost daily!


  • The Arrogant Pixel Podcast Ep.1: Introductions

    Ryan has kindly put together our first official podcast for Arrogant Pixel. You'll get to hear our voices! Excuse our awkwardness, we'll get better hopefully as we continue to do this.

    Don't forget we are still running a Greenlight campaign for the game. If you haven't voted already, please head on over:

    In this week's podcast, we introduce ourselves and discuss Doris and the Dragon stuff. The topic is BETA vs Official release - feel free to comment or ask questions via Twitter!

    You can also follow the podcast playlist on the following link:

    Feel free to e-mail us questions or get in contact for press enquiries.

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  • [TRAILER] What to expect in the official release - Launch blog by Ben

    Hey folks,

    I'm Ben Simpson, the founder and lead designer / programmer at Arrogant Pixel. This is the first in the series of technical posts in the run up to the official release of our new game coming soon to app stores this autumn.

    For those of you who have been following The Tale of Doris and Dragon since the BETA release last year, there are several major changes that we have made in order to release the game officially this year.

    We are launching a Greenlight campaign [link coming soon] and uploading to app stores for approvals this week!

    I'm really pleased after all this time to reveal the official release trailer for The Tale of Doris and the Dragon - Episode 1.

    • Built in Unity

    The first big decision that we made was to change the software that we were using to build the game. I was using GameMaker Studio at the time of BETA release and coding in GML. I decided to move from GameMaker Studio to Unity because the team had increased in size and I wanted to have a more modular system.

    It was a pretty hard pill to swallow as it meant that the entire first game had to be rebuilt in the new engine. I thought it would be a good test to see how much time it would take me to put the game together in the new software. Still, it wasn't a quick and easy thing to do by myself considering I had only used Unity for only a small number of projects.

    Generally, GameMaker is very good for rapid prototyping but we found that with projects such as GlitchBoy (sadly, no longer in production), it was actually slowing us down; the team down relying on one person (me!! ) to hard code the game from scratch. After a while, it was clear that there had to be a better way of working as a team. We abandoned the project in order to concentrate our efforts on Doris. I still see myself using Game Maker for certain smaller, maybe two-man projects but judging by the size of Episode 1, the next two episodes definitely need this new software in order for the builds to be as bug-free as possible on release.

    Changing over to Unity also gave us access to post-processing effects that we didn't have before. This meant that we could really put the polish on the graphics to make the game more presentable than ever and play around with the settings in real-time, like photoshop. I found that, if you are trying to do complicated things in Game Maker, my code would become "spaghettified". A lot of objects would be dependent on other objects. It doesn't make it a modular system that can be easily understood. With Unity, the stuff I write becomes more like an asset that I can use in other games because the system is so modular. Unity itself is heavily class based so it encourages good coding practices. It is really important that your programming bolts together easily without interfering with anything else.

              • New graphics and animations - but not too many

                It was important to us that the title remain a pixel art game. We had a few difficulties with consistency and quality of artistic content prior to taking on Saf (DarkLitria) and at the end of the day, it did receive some good feedback. I don't consider myself to be the best artist in the world but when you are working on a game largely by yourself, stuff just needs to get done. I had to do it myself. I'm just glad that people didn't hate it.

    Right now, it feels really good to hand over most of the art to Saf as it was the thing that I felt that I struggled with and I trust her to do a great job. She's a fantastic artist and animator and it's great to be working with her. Whether you think I'm a good artist / animator or not, it takes up a lot more of my time than it should. I'd rather concentrate on writing the dialogue, building the game and organising the business.

    • New music and sound effects

    To be honest, when we released the BETA, I just got fed up of polishing and wanted to be done with it. I wasn't really expecting the game to do that well. Although Assad had worked hard on the music, I felt the foley and sound design overall had not had enough time dedicated to it.

    We've spent a lot of time since re-recording new sound effects and really thinking about how we were going to improve what we had originally. Ryan had a lot of equipment, knowledge and experience to help us achieve really high quality recordings and believable sounds.

    By devoting more time to rebuilding the game, it gave Assad an opportunity to create a new track for Episode 1.

    • Additional dialogue

    Releasing the BETA game last year gave me a chance to reflect on the feedback and think about what I wanted to improve dialogue wise. There were lots of elements of the BETA release that I think felt unfinished. Some comments also confirmed my fears that Norb didn't appear enough as a character in Episode 1.

    I also re-structured some of the conversations between Doris and Norb that I thought were too long or awkward. I had also used some British colloquialisms that did not translate well...or people just didn't get my joke.

    It was important to me that the characters came across how I imagine them in my head. Which leads me onto my final point...

    • Fully Voice-acted

    I think the most obvious and startling change that most people that played the BETA will find is the fully-voice acted dialogue. We took great care to include every single interaction. However, we do not have triple A budgets. Luckily, we have a very talented friend in Jamie Wood who was willing to give up his free time to help us. By himself, he is just a power house of an actor. I learned so much just by watching him work and it helped me with my own performance.

    I guess you're all wondering who ended up voice acting Doris? It was me. It wasn't my choice really and had lots of reservations about committing to the voice. I've been told many times that I am a very good mimic so it was a kind of "what-the-hell" sort of moment and I just went for it. I don't know if people will be able to tell but...I think I make quite a sweet old lady. I'd love to know if you think it sounds odd though.

    Jamie ended up taking on most of the characters because the man can seriously act. His training and experience really made a difference in this case - it brought something really special to the game. His performance of Norb the dragon will melt your hearts, I'm sure of it. We love Norb.

    Anyway...this concludes my blog post and I'll leave you with our release trailer. You can always reach me directly via the forum or twitter. I'll try and answer your questions as best as I can.

    Until next time, folks.



    Feel free to e-mail us questions or get in contact for press enquiries.

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  • Things have been so crazy...Official release coming soon this summer

    Last year, Ben had spent almost four months not looking up from his laptop in order to create the BETA build of The Tale of Doris and the Dragon.

    Fast forward to today and the team has grown to include two more members; Ryan Callard, a new director who has completely taken care of all of our voice acting and Dark Litria (Safiyah Khan) as our main concept artist and animator for Episodes 2 and 3. After receiving all your amazing feedback, we're so nearly ready to show you the game that we were trying to create from the very beginning.

    In order to establish a definitive style for the trilogy, we felt it necessary to go back and finish Episode 1 before starting to produce Episode 2. This included recording voice acting, adding more dialogue and new animations where it made sense, loads more polish - so far, we are really proud of what we have achieved. Stay tuned for the next blogs for a detailed break down of what to expect from the official release of Episode 1.

    Episode 2 is always in our minds, especially as production on Episode 1 is finally drawing to a close. Ben has been toying with selecting the best software to plan and write the dialogue. This week, we've adopted a great productivity tool called Slack in order to bug each other 24/7 and make sure we're not......slacking...? Sorry, bad joke.

    With the new team and new game release on the horizon, you will be hearing from us and we will be updating the website more regularly. If you want more content and sneak peeks then you can always follow us on Instagram or Twitter where we post almost daily!

    We'll leave you with the gorgeous new cover art for the release of the new game:

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  • News on The Tale of Doris and the Dragon remaster


    We are pleased to announce a new member of the Arrogant Pixel team that will be helping us out for our future games! Check out this fantastic piece that she did for us featuring the Daemon and Doris stand-off!

    The fantastically talented DarkLitria Saf will be joining the art department along with Ben and Alex who are already busy working on Episode II and of course, The Adventures of Glitchboy in Bit land (which is also still in production). You can check out her Deviantart profile here: [clickety-click]

    As we mentioned in previous blog posts, we are working to implement voice acting for the re-master and full release of Episode 1. The beta release on Newgrounds and GameJolt went so much better than expected and we are completely staggered by the near 60,000 plays and downloads it received across the web.

    For now, that's all we can reveal. We have a lot in the pipeline and we are excited to reveal everything that we've been doing these past couple of month.Thank you to everyone for all the support and feedback.

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  • The Tale of Doris & The Dragon - Front page and featured on Newgrounds!! Going to go lie down now...


    So...basically, I woke up this morning and turns out we have over 8,000 views on our game with a 3.96 rating on Newgrounds which is currently still climbing (please - climb!!). We are still on the front page, still in the featured section...We only posted the game a week ago!

    In Jay's personal blog (you can read the full article by clicking this link), she briefly touched on how different the feel and fanbase was on Gamejolt and Kongregate (which are the two other sites we uploaded Episode 1 to) compared to Newgrounds.

    Since The Tale of Doris and the Dragon certainly is not a casual, pick-up-and-play title, we had no idea what the reception was going to be like. We were expecting a few hundred views trickling through.

    Clearly - we were mistaken.

    The following was first posted on newgrounds earlier today in response to a few people having an issue with the audio:

    The damned audio bug that a lot of people were complaining about has now been fixed plus one minor additional bug that had been reported by fans (ferryman bug now FIXED). Hopefully, there should be nothing more to sort out - as we really need to get on with Episode 2 and 3.

    But PLEASE, feel free to let us know if you find any more bugs. If it's to do with the engine, then we need to correct this as soon as possible.

    I think we have one of the more livelier comment sections than is typical for a newgrounds game - but seems to have died down since the walkthrough was posted in the comments section. lol. Shout out to @Istanbul777 for taking the time to write it out. We really didn't want to write it ourselves so thank you for doing it for us. [You may need to dig through the comments section to find it. We may post it on the main website in future]

    Don't worry - none of us have been paid to do this. We aren't taking advantage.



    Thanks for reading. If you'd like to keep up with all things Doris, you can sign up to our mailing list below!

  • We know adventure games - Do you?


    All of us at Arrogant Pixel are 90s children and we grew up playing graphic adventure games. In fact, playing and experiencing these stories are some of the fondest memories from our childhood. I've only included a few of my favourites in the collage above but I'm there are many more that I didn't have space for, forgotten or never had a chance to play.

    Us kids that were born in the late 80s and 90s have seen the evolution of the games industry. It still amazes me to this day how most of these titles never seem to age thanks to the stunning hand-drawn 2D sprite work and background art. Some of these games are over 20 years old and they are still quirky and charming without being dated!

    The classic adventure games we know and love didn't hide behind "state of the art" realism or hire hundreds of artists to achieve a level of polish. They were all created by much smaller teams and it was always the story that carried the game. It was the sense of adventure that kept me coming back to play as well as the incredible worlds that were to be explored. Not to mention some of the soundtracks to the games are incredible!

    So, come on point and click nerds! We'd like to know, what are some of your favourite graphic adventure games of all time?

    Don't forget - The Tale of Doris and the Dragon will be released very soon. Sign up to our mailing list for further updates and to apply for the beta test!

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